Wy’East Middle School

Evergreen Public Schools

New two-story building, 85,000 sq. ft. middle school in Vancouver, WA.  Structural and miscellaneous steel with stairs and rail.
G.C. TODD Construction
Weight – 730 tons

Northwest Middle School

Spokane Public Schools

New two-story building, 97,000 sq. ft. middle school in Spokane, WA.
Structural and miscellaneous steel with stairs and rail.
G.C. Garco Construction, Inc.
Weight – 610 tons

Ridgeline High School

Central Valley School District

New two-story building, 241,000 sq. ft. high school in Spokane Valley, WA.  Consists of structural and miscellaneous steel with stairs and rail.
G.C. Garco Construction, Inc.
Weight – 1,200 tons


Project General Contractor Weight Location
Avista Dollar Road Service Center Garco Construction 250 tons Spokane, WA
Behavioral Health Facility Dawson Construction 145 tons Juneau, AK
Columbia River Elementary School Chervenell Construction 310 tons Pasco, WA
Covington Elementary Neeley Construction 195 tons Convington, WA
Eek K-12 Renovation and Addition UIC Construction 275 tons Eek, AK
Ellensburg New Elementary Garco Construction 230 tons Ellensburg, WA
Ferris High School Garco Construction 1,100 tons Spokane, WA
Firgrove Elementary School Neeley Construction 438 tons Puyallup, WA
Highland Middle School Graham Construction 505 tons Spokane, WA
JBLM SFAB Phase 1 Garco Construction 93 tons JBLM, WA
Jefferson Elementary School Fowler Construction 249 tons Richland, WA
JPRA Whitebluff Facility Garco Construction 90 tons Airway Heights, WA
Kalispel Movie and Dinner Garco Construction 66 tons Airway Heights, WA
Lincoln Elementary School Garco Construction 78 tons Ellensburg, WA
Linwood Elementary School T.W. Clark Construction 370 tons Spokane, WA
Mead New Elementary School No. 10 Graham Construction 211 tons Spokane, WA
Midway Elementary School Bouten Construction 160 tons Colbert, WA
Mt. Stuart Elementary School Garco Construction 212 tons Ellensburg, WA
POL Operations Facility ASRC Construction 202 tons Anchorage, AK
Richland City Hall Leone & Keeble Inc. 208 tons Richland, WA
SERE Pipeline Dormitory Garco Construction 64 tons Spokane, WA
Shiloh Hills Elementary School Garco Construction 115 tons Spokane, WA
Southwest Elementary School Garco Construction 300 tons Puyallup, WA
Teal Street Center Dawson Construction 110 tons Juneau, AK
T-Mobile Polaris Data Center Garco Construction 156 tons East Wenatchee, WA
Tri-State Memorial Hospital Bouten Construction 260 tons Clarkston, WA
University Crossing Graham Construction 175 tons Pullman, WA
Vantage Data Center Hitt Construction 860 tons Quincy, WA
Whitworth Health Science Bldg. Walker Construction 175 tons Spokane, WA
Whitworth Athletics Leadership Center Walker Construction 150 tons Spokane, WA
Whitworth Café and Campus Store Walker Construction 30 tons Spokane, WA